What is .HTM extension for webpage

html estenstion htm


Have you seen a web page that have .HTM extension and don’t know what does it mea? Well the answer is very simple and I’m going to explain you what is .HTM extension and why it is used and how .HTM extension is used.

What is .HTM extension on webpage

What you have to know is that both .HTML and .HTM extensions are used by html files and are exactly the same. Both work in the some way and mean that the file with this extensions contain HTML content.

There is not difference between .HTML and .HTM extension and most browser if not all will treat .HTM extension as .HTML extension and vice versa. The only difference between .HTML and .HTM is the “L” letter from the second.

.HTM vs .HTML – Which one to use?

Doesn’t matter which one you want to use.

There is author personal preference.


You can continue using as you want .HTM or .HTML extension for html files content because there is no difference.

Is your choice which one you want to use.

And finally chossing .HTM or .HTML will not influence SEO for your website/page!

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