What is Advertiser and Publisher

advertiser and publisher

On approximately all sites for monetizing using ads before register you have to choose for Advertiser and Publisher. But what is advertiser and what is publisher? What does advertiser and publisher mean? After reading this you will know exactly what to choose when you are asked.

What is publisher?

Publisher is person that GET MONEY to promote ads on their website, applications and on others places. So if you want to make money with your website or application you have to select PUBLISHER.

What is advertiser?

The advertiser is who PAY to get their advertisements shown. So if you have a product like a website and you want to promote it you should select ADVERTISER.


This image will help you to understand better:

advertiser and publisher

You know now what to select between PUBLISHER and ADVERTISER and you know too what both mean!

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  1. Ted Burkholder says:

    This makes me even MORE confused than I was before I got here. This makes no sense

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