What does mean RELOADED on Torrents with games?

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I think anyone who tried to download a game from torrents have seen on its name the world RELOADED.  This is often met on games on any torrent network such ThePirateBay, Mininova, IsoHunt and more other.


So, What RELOADED does mean?

RELOADED means that the game you want to download is an Image .iso of original game and it contain the CRACK in order to run the pirated game.

In other order of ideas RELOADED = CRACKED.

When you download an RELOADED game you first have to un-zip the archive, then mount .iso file from archive and start installing. After install you have to copy crack from .iso image and replace to directory where you’ve installed game.

Is safe to download reloaded?

You should be careful at crack and before running scan it to virustotal.com and if it is clean you can open it else it may be a trojan or other malware and you should delete it immediately.


A reloaded file is a pirated file and laws don’t allow pirated products. You can really have problems with copyright and laws by downloading pirated products.

I think you are cleared now with another curiosity knowing what does RELOADED mean.

Until next time i  wish you more curiosities!

4 Comments on "What does mean RELOADED on Torrents with games?"

  1. johndoe says:

    moron, RELOADED = CRACKED ? realy? how about to write other possibilities

  2. salty says:

    WRONG!!! RELOADED on particular torrents means that it is a particular group that posted the torrent, as you will often see for games codex at the end or on tv shows there will be similar endings, this helps to populate trusted torrents with no viruses. Such as Piratebay.org, The VIPs and Trusted members who post Reloaded torrents are safe to download from than just a regular dude with no history

  3. nanu says:

    are reloaded games full

  4. daoud says:

    when I want to un zip a reloaded game it demands a password .how can I deal with this ?

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