What does mean DDR2 ECC and Non-ECC RAM

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When you want to upgrade your computer adding RAM Memory is pretty good to know some features of that. Well you have to know what does DDR2 ECC or Non-ECC mean or DDR3 ECC / Non-ECC mean.


What is ECC on RAM Memory?

ECC = Error-correcting code 

It is a type of memory that includes special circuitry for testing and accuracy of data as it passes in and out of memory.

You should also know that ECC Memory can detect if data is corrupted and try to correct data.

Why is ECC Memory important?

The ECC Memory is usually used in energetic industry like nuclear generators and more others. You have to know that there a bit of information corrupted is not tolerated because it could be extremely dangerous causing accidents.

Should I buy ECC Memory?

ECC Memory is more expensive than Non-ECC Memory. If you have a personal computer is not necessary to use ECC Memory because one bit of corrupted data is not fatal.

*To note that ECC Memory is used by Hosting Servers.

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