Linux and Unix. What does all mean?

unix vs linux what and howThe internet is fully by tutorials and descriptions about Unix and Linux and what does mean all and what are the best to choose, but these tutorials are too long  and i made this tutorial to explain you more concise what does mean Unix and Linux and to respond at this question: Unix vs Linux , differences and connections and what is the best option depending by what you want to do.

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HDD 7200 RPM for LAPTOP, Is this recommended?

hard disk curiosity how to fix

Did you want performances on laptop? Did you want to add 7200 rpm hard disk drive to laptop? Well if you want tu put on laptop HDD with 7200 rpm or 10000 rpm or higher you will have some problems.

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x64 vs x86 or 32bits vs 64 bits. Which one to choose and what all mean?

32bits 64bits x64 x86

So, did you want to install Operating System and don’t know which one to choose from 34bit and 64 bits or x64 and x86? There you will learn what does x64 and x86 and 32bit and 64 bits mean and you will know which one from this is more stable and which one you should install.

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Force Memory to FREE on Linux Systems

free up ram memory


These days I faced with excessive loading of memory on a Linux system. Fortunately there are some tips to free up RAM memory and see how much memory is available in real time! It is like you run garbage collector for memory on Linux!

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What does mean RELOADED on Torrents with games?

howtofix curiosity

I think anyone who tried to download a game from torrents have seen on its name the world RELOADED.  This is often met on games on any torrent network such ThePirateBay, Mininova, IsoHunt and more other.

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What does mean DDR2 ECC and Non-ECC RAM

check ram memory how to fix man


When you want to upgrade your computer adding RAM Memory is pretty good to know some features of that. Well you have to know what does DDR2 ECC or Non-ECC mean or DDR3 ECC / Non-ECC mean.


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How to remotely REBOOT, SHUTDOWN and PowerOFF Linux from terminal

How_To_Fix_Restart_Reboot_LinuxSome time if you have a dedicated server or you have access to a server that have Linux as Operating System and you want to restart or reboot or shut down the computer you can do this from putty after you’re connected to that system. Since you are logged in with putty you have access to terminal. Well, connected with putty mean the same thing with terminal so all commands from putty will work on terminal too and vice versa.

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What is .HTM extension for webpage

html estenstion htm


Have you seen a web page that have .HTM extension and don’t know what does it mea? Well the answer is very simple and I’m going to explain you what is .HTM extension and why it is used and how .HTM extension is used.

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[FIXED] Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 – Unknown Error

How_To_Fix_Man_visual c++


When you start Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Express edition or other editions and you got a message box with “Unknown Error” mean that you have a problem with your .Net Framework 4.0 or it is missing.

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[Fixed]fatal error LNK1123: failure during conversion to COFF: file invalid or corrupt

how to fix vistal studio 2012


Error LINK : fatal error LNK1123: failure during conversion to COFF: file invalid or corrupt appear often on Visual C++ 2010 and this error don’t let you to compile and run your program coded on Visual C++. If you got this error you no need to reinstall Visual C++.

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What is Advertiser and Publisher

advertiser and publisher

On approximately all sites for monetizing using ads before register you have to choose for Advertiser and Publisher. But what is advertiser and what is publisher? What does advertiser and publisher mean? After reading this you will know exactly what to choose when you are asked.

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