Linux and Unix. What does all mean?

unix vs linux what and howThe internet is fully by tutorials and descriptions about Unix and Linux and what does mean all and what are the best to choose, but these tutorials are too long  and i made this tutorial to explain you more concise what does mean Unix and Linux and to respond at this question: Unix vs Linux , differences and connections and what is the best option depending by what you want to do.

 What is Linux?

The original definition says: An open-source version of the UNIX operating system.

Another definition: Linux is a Unix clone with another Kernel => Linux Is Just a Kernel.

What is Unix?

The original definition says too: A widely used multiuser operating system.


The first from these was UNIX and then, later Linux was born from UNIX.

Between Unix and Linux is something paradoxical. Unix and Linux are different and the same.

Forwards i will present similarities and differences between Linux and Unix to make you understand.

Linux and Unix – Similarities

  • Linux is a UNIX Clone;
  • for textual interfaces, Linux and Unix are near identical;
  • all of the commands are identical to Linux and Unix => if you know Linux command you will know Unix commands too and vice versa;

Linux and Unix – Differences

  • the main difference between Linux and Unix is KERNEL (read what is kernel on Wikipedia);
  • another difference between Unix and Linux is that Unix was DESIGNED, and Linux was GROWN;
  • Linux is more safe, secure, and stable and have the most users;

Linux vs Unix. Which one to choose?

I will be short. Linux can be used from Servers to household without a problem and is more safe and stable than Unix. So, my suggestion is to choose and Linux Distributions like: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS(for servers) or other Linux distributions.

Final conclusion

Remember that Linux is the most used operating system from the world!

Android is also derivative from Linux.

I hope you understand in short word what is Linux and Unix and differences and connections between these.

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