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Personally i’m using this method to show summary of posts on front page because on that WordPress theme don’t work option from Settings>>Reading. So if you don’t want to use plugins or other heavy methods you can use “The More Tag” method, this method will help you to show summary of posts directly on front page.



Mostly the summary setting from WordPress don’t work because is blocked by a non professional theme, by a plugin or because source was modified and that type of error are often found in pirated WordPress themes.

How to solve:

#1: Go to Posts>>Add New Posts

#2: Begin writing your article. When you think that is enough to appear as summary press button showing below:

wordpress summary on front

The More Tag Button

#3: After you’ve press the button the post will show like this:

summary on front

#4: Now you can continue writing your article because only part to “More…” delimiter will appear on front page as summary.


Now you can show customized summary of posts on front page of your WordPress blog. Also the image will appear in front exactly how that are positioned into post and you don’t need to add featured image again.


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