How to find and manage PayPal Buttons

where to find paypal buttons


Actually a simple situation can give you headaches when try to find where to manage paypal buttons such as BuyBow, donate and other buttons. So in this tutorial I will show you exactly where you can find these fu****g buttons.


Where to manage PayPal Buttons:

Log in into your PayPal Account.

Go to “Profile” link from the top of the page:

paypal buttons

Now go and click on “My selling tools”:

paypal buttons manage

Now go to buttons area and click “Update”:

manage paypal buttons

And now that is all, you are now in the correct place to manage your paypal buttons:

where are paypal buttons

Now I think you will know how to create buttons (click on “Create New Button) and you can manage your created PayPal Buttons and is your business from now.


You know now where to find and manage PayPal Buttons such as “Buy Now”, “Subscribe”, “Donate” and other business buttons and tools.

Please let me know if is something unclear. If yes please commend and I will try respond as quickly as possible!

2 Comments on "How to find and manage PayPal Buttons"

  1. PaypalC says:

    I exactly used the same method prescribed you for one my paypal related services. i have got great results.

  2. İbrahim says:

    I created 3 buttons but two of them are listed. I cannot edit third one.
    Can you help me?

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