[FIXED] Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 – Unknown Error

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When you start Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Express edition or other editions and you got a message box with “Unknown Error” mean that you have a problem with your .Net Framework 4.0 or it is missing.


Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 – Unknown Error looks like:

net framework uninstalled


  • you have uninstalled .Net Framework 4 after you’ve installed Microsoft Visual C++ on your system;
  • your .Framework is not working property;
  • .Net Framework is stopped;
  • missing .Net Framework files;

Anything all you have to do is that this error appear because something is not right with .Net Framework corresponding to your version of Visual C++ or Visual Studio.

How to Fix:

Firstly if you have installed .Net Framework 4.0 or 4.5 in your system please uninstall it.

If you have Visual C++ 2012 download Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5;

If you have Visual c++ 2010 download Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0;

or the expensive way to solve it is to install again your Visual Studio or Visual C++ because it will install implicitly .Net Framework version that it need to work property.


If this error appear on C#, Visual Basic or other tools from Microsoft Visual Studio suits you can solve it in the same way.

Work on Express editions or Professionals;


You’ve just solved Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 – Unknown Error and you are now able to open and work with Visual Studio tools like C#,Visual Basic,Visual C++;

Please let me know if you encounter other problems!

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