Error 0x80070057 when try to install Windows 7

how to fix hdd error when install windows 7

If you try to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 and get this error: Windows could not format a partition on disk 0. Error code: 0x80070057 on a message box don’t worry! I’m here to help you! If you followed tons of tutorials to fix it on the internet and no one worked for you and you suspect that there is a hardware problem you’re in the right place! Error code: 0x80070057 appear usually when you try to format your hard drive.

What cause error 0x80070057 on hdd

There are a lot of thing which may cause this little problem. Assuming that HDD is not broken there could be:

  • Corrupted System Reserved Partition;
  • Bad connection of SATA cable.

How to solve Error 0x80070057

If there is a corrupted System Reserved Partition you have to follow this tutorial:

If this was not working and you got another error message there may be a hardware problem.

So, what is the trick?

This is simple. You have both your HDD and CD/DVD-Rom/RW with SATA connection. Assuming that you have 2 SATA slots on motherboard you have to connect your hdd on number 1 sata port. In other words HDD must be connected to main SATA Port on the motherboard.

PS: Usually sata ports are numbered. Make sure you connect your HDD to number 1 sata slot.


You are now able to solve HDD Error with Error code: 0x80070057 when you want to install your OS.

This is a little thing but remember, little things can make difference between success and failure (Christopher Hadnagy).

If the problem is more complicated I’m waiting for you on forum where are many more people able to help you!

2 Comments on "Error 0x80070057 when try to install Windows 7"

  1. chad says:

    Thank you for the tip it worked it was a bad sata cable

  2. hadi says:

    Thank you so much. Bad sata cable so i changed it and works now

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